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 Anxiety & Panic related chest pains

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PostSubject: Anxiety & Panic related chest pains   Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:57 am

Anxiety & Panic Related Chest Pains
First - stop worrying!
I can tell you right now that if you are experiencing anxiety chest pains, it's not a heart problem! The chest pain is a 'symptom' of an anxiety disorder... FACT!

Over the last years, thousands of people with anxiety chest pains have been rushed to hospital in ambulances, or to the doctors with suspected heart problems, that they felt short of breath, clammy, dizzy and scared (to name but a few symptoms), and guess what?

Not one of them turned out to have anything wrong with them... except anxiety related chest pain!

Anxiety chest pain is so common and completely harmless, in fact, it usually turns out to be nothing more than muscle pain, indigestion and sometimes nerve pain, ALL caused by the underlying anxiety disorder.

Anxiety chest pain can be sharp, dull, in the center, to the side or all round the chest. It can extend into the neck and shoulders, round the back of the head and down into the stomach area. Anxiety chest pain can come and go, come and stay or twinge occasionally, in fact, I have heard possibly every description and variation of anxiety related chest pain there is.

I experienced Anxiety chest pain too; first dull and deep... this turned out to be anxious indigestion and then later it became sharper and the pain extended into my throat and down my left arm. Then my arm would go numb or tingly! I was rushed to hospital and guess what? They found nothing except anxiety chest pain!

Anxiety chest pains are evident in probably 80% of anxiety sufferers at some time during their disorder.

BUT I can tell you this with 100% conviction...they go away as soon as you start to reduce the anxiety!

Obsessing about your anxiety chest pains creates Anxiety, anxiety creates the chest pain and the cycle continues. Most of my clients start to see improvement in their anxiety chest pain within just a few days or maybe a week or two. As they start to understand and appreciate how anxiety chest pain develops is formed and what it can do to us in order to produce all these symptoms, they start to make dramatic and full recoveries.

Don't let anyone tell you that you need therapy or medication to cure anxiety chest pain... you may feel desperate and prepared to take anything to make your life easier and the anxiety more bearable, BUT trust me, medication isn't the solution.

I have treated tens of thousands of people, people like you and I, with the same anxiety chest pains, symptoms and thoughts, the same worries and concerns.

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Anxiety & Panic related chest pains
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